To maximize the sounding in small and medium size spaces you would require Bookshelf Speakers. This is the type of speaker which is designed to rest on table, shelf and other elevated places, but not on the floor. It can enhance the overall sound in small spaces and for this is necessary that you consider buying the best models for your need. Prior to making the purchasing decision, you must equip yourself with the right knowledge about these speakers which would pay off definitely. So, for your help and assistance here is the brief guide and Reviews of Best $500 Bookshelf speakers with user ratings which is worth considering before making the purchase.

 Bookshelf Speakers Specifications

People who are not actually an audio junkie would find it difficult to choose the best Bookshelf Speakers for their personal need. There are some technical jargons that are linked to these speakers and you may not understand them and its significance. So, before hunting for the speakers, it is necessary that you educate yourself about these basic lingos which can help you to select the best speaker for the limited spaces in your house.

  • 1. Watts – The greater the wattage is, the better the output would be. So, when buying for the speakers, you must ensure that the watts of the speaker match the amplifier you have. This is important to enjoy great sounding with the speaker.
  • 2. Hertz – You need to ensure that the hertz is low so that the delivery of the bass is heavy. If you are looking for heavy bass speakers, ensure to find speakers with low hertz.
  • 3. Drivers – The speakers usually come with two drivers, woofers that generate the bass and tweeters which produce high frequency sounds. So, buying the speakers that has 3rd mid range drivers would lend itself to the best full range sounding.

Bookshelf Speakers – The Part of Home Theatre System

The Bookshelf Speakers are now available in a variety of designs, styles and shapes. You can buy them as a standalone model for the addition in the living room or also as a part of the home theatre system of your house. If you want to experience the great gaming sound, then there are several models of home theatre in the market that comes with the option to integrate the additional bookshelf speaker.

If budget is not a concern for you, then you can opt for the high standalone models of bookshelf sounding system for high quality sound for gaming as well as movies in your personal space in the room. There are many big brands that specialize in these types of speakers and they are worth considering for great sounding experience.

Ever since the technology has evolved and the love for devices and gadgets has come to exist amongst the people, then there is completely no doubt in the fact that there is one certain company that has become favorite to many.

Yes, the Apple iPhone is definitely one of the most important as well as the most necessary phones of all. There is no doubt in the fact that with the help of the Apple phones a lot of many things and features have become leading examples to the others.

The FaceTime is one such application from the house of Apple. Yes, this application allows people to connect to the loved ones and others who are on the FaceTime quite easily. Can you facetime on computer and there is completely no doubt in the fact that this is one of the best features of the Apple phones as well as the iPads.

People must, in fact, make sure that the best available application that it is one expects highly of the same. But then again there are certain problems that may emerge with FaceTime and it may lead to the shutting down of the same. This is exactly why the people must make sure that they, in fact, are aware of the various problems that may lead to the same in the first place.


The technology giant: Apple, that revolutionized personal technology in 1984 with the production of the Mackintosh, has yet again presented to us another amazing phone. The phone: Red, is a special edition of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus model that has a vibrant red aluminium finish. It comes in 128GB and 256GB storage capacity. The phones allow free access to over two million apps on the apple app store. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (RED)  comes with a longer battery life of about 10 hours and a larger screen. Since (RED) was founded in 2006, it has supported HIV/ AIDS programs in Sub-Saharan Africa by its contribution to the Global Funds. It has helped provide free counselling, testing, and medicine that prevent  the transmission of HIV.

The 128GB of the iPhone 7 (RED) sells for $749, while iPhone 7 Plus goes for $869. For each phone sold by the company, a percentage goes to the Global Funds to aid the goal of making Sub- Saharan Africa to be HIV/AIDS free.

Some advantages of the phone are:

It is a special edition.

The red finish shines in light and it is one of the best looking phones. It has an amazing dual camera setup. The lenses are optically stabilized; a picture taken with shaky hands will still look perfect. It is dust and water resistant; it has a new IP67 rating. You get free personal setup on your purchase i.e. your phone will be customized by setting up email and showing new apps from App store.

Better cellular radios and processors.

Buying it mean you are part of a good cause. Fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS.

The screen is 25% brighter; this makes it easy to view in the sun.

Recently, a new iPad that has replaced the Air 2 in the market was introduced. 

Its price ranges from $329 to $559 depending on the model. It has nice features like:

A 9.7inch retina display.

ours of battery life.

megapixel camera.

Access to over one million apps specially for the device.
Fingerprint and TouchID security.

The iPhone SE is also getting a storage boost. The 16GB and 64GB models storage capacity is being doubled to 32GB and 128GB. Its 4inch screen is also getting enhanced without a change in the price. Purchasing it means getting more value at the same old price. A new application called Clip has also been created by Apple. It is a free app that combines photos, video clips and music that can be sent through messages or social media. It has artistic filters, shapes and emoji. It can also recognise the face of the people in a video and automatically suggest their name for sharing. The video can also be posted to platforms like: instagram, facebook, youtube, vimeo and more. It is available on IOS 10.3. The new developments and refining of the old is enough proof that Apple is working very hard to provide the best forms of technology available.


Interactive Voice Technology (IVT) is a system that allows a computer to interact with humans via the use of voice and Dial Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) in keypad. IVT can be used for mobile purchases, retail orders, banking payments and services, utilities; customers care service, weather conditions and travel information.

Since the emerging of the computing technology in the 1950’s; scientist and service providers have hoped to enhance interaction between man and machine with Natural Spoken Language. This has been achieve in complex calculation based tasks, but creating machines that understand basic language structure and can understand perfectly natural language has been just a dream.

It is fair to say that the optimism with which the scientist in the mid to late 90’s promised more sophisticated IVT applications  has not been fulfilled and has experienced very little progress. The models of IVT available are very limited in scope though they are more intelligent than many predictive dialler systems. In telephony, the purpose of an IVT is to take input, process it and produce a result.


The basic levels of speech IVT technology that is facilitated by a technology supplier are:


Key phrase and

Natural recognition.

Those three have different degrees of sophistication that make many business settings possible without relying or expensive physical infrastructure. The keyword recognition works by an IVT guide. A request is made for a certain keypad to  be pressed for a command (e.g. ‘to speak to a call centre agent, press 1’) or it may be requested that a word is spoken by the caller. In a situation a keypad is wrongly pressed or the wrong thing is spoken, the IVT will not process command and either return caller to previous menu or disconnect.

The key phrase recognition is similar to search engines. The IVT recognizes the key word in a phrase and provides any information related to the keyword. This is ineffective as the intent of the caller can be misunderstood and that leads to communication breakdown. In the Natural recognition, it is more sophisticated and different. The IVT is designed to understand natural language and process request with the full intent of the caller understood.


This method needs a very extensive list of vocabulary imputed into the system; a larger grammar set must also be programmed. The use of the Natural recognition has not been effective considering the cost involved. The power of IVT therefore has not been fully explored due to this reason;

It is expensive

IVT application is inflexible. There are fixed options and responses.

It is a complex science, also imperfect.

The process of teaching machines to understand spoken language is.

They can be frustrating and confusing to use let alone human-level proficiency.

However, IVT still has a future as scientist are working towards IVTs that have more features like  voice recognition, speech synthesis, voice biometrics etc. Artificial intelligence is now demonstrating that machines can carry basic interaction. Machines are now built to mimic ‘’cognitive’’ functions that is associated with human minds e.g. optical character recognition, understanding human speech, competing of a high level in strategic games (e.g. chess), self driving cars, routing in content delivery network interpreting complex data etc.